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The Murray Academy of Arts[]

The Murray Academy of Arts is a judge of the best in film, television, and music. It gives out the Murray Motion Picture Academy (MMPA) Awards, the Murray Music Academy (MMA) Awards, the Murray Television Academy (MTA) Awards, the Murray English Academy (MEA) Awards and the MAA Outstanding Artistic Achievement Award, every year. The Academy was founded in 2005. The sub-academy, The Murray Motion Picture Academy was founded at the same time. The next sub-academy, The Murray Music Academy, was founded in 2008. The final sub-academies, The Murray Television Academy and The Murray English Academy were founded in 2011


Important Dates[]

December 6th- Nominees annouced for the MFCC Awards, 2013

December 13th- Nominees annouced for the 2nd Atlas Awards

December 21st- Nominees annouced for the 5th MMA Awards

January 6th- MFCC Awards, 2013

January 10th- Nominees annouced for the 8th MMPA Awards

January 10th- Nominees annouced for the 3rd Independent Film Institute Awards

January 13th- 2nd Atlas Awards

February 10th- 5th MMA Awards

February 23rd- 3rd Independent Film Institute Awards

February 24th- 8th MMPA Awards


4-14-12: the MMPA Governors annouced the new awards that will be voted on for inclusion into the 8th Annual MMPA Awards at the 8th MMPA Governor's Summit; Best Foreign Film, Best Stunt Coordination, Best Documentary Feature, Best Casting, Best Title Design

4-20-12: the MBTA annouces the shorlist nominees for Best Musical, Best Play, Best Revival of a Musical, and Best Revival of a Play for the 1st MBTA Awards

5-01-12: the MBTA annouces the nominees for the 1st MBTA Awards

6-03-12: the Murray Television Critics Circle announced nominations for the MTCC Awards, 2012. Modern Family led the pack with 8 nominations

6-27-12: the MMPA anounces that The Marx Brothers, James Stewart and Katharine Hepburn will recieve the MMPA Lifetime Achievement Award

6-28-12: the MMPA anounces that Best Stunt Coordination and Best Title Design will be added the MMPA Awards